1. What will I need to get started?

You will need a Skype account. If you don’t have one, click on this link to create one. You will also need a minimum Internet speed of 512 Kbps, a webcam and headset, and Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers.

2. Can I change my teacher?

Requests to change teachers may be made provided that it is filed A WEEK AFTER your classes started and with a valid reason. This request can only be done once.

3. I’m already enrolled but can I change my schedule?

Yes, you may change your schedule but you can only do it once. Send us an email together with your new preferred schedule.

4. Can I take two different programs at the same time?

Yes, you may enroll in as many programs as you want provided that it will not conflict with your existing schedule. For every program you have enrolled in, our system will require you to have another account. You can use the same email address for these accounts.

5. Can I cancel my enrollment?

We would ask you to reconsider but if you really wish to cancel your enrollment, send us an email at info@ispeakbetter.com with the subject “Cancellation” before you start your classes. Once you send the email, our team will process your request.

6. Can I get a refund if I cancel my enrollment?

No. Once the transaction has been confirmed and validated by the security systems, the purchase is final.

7. I don't own a computer. Can I use my tablet or mobile device?

Yes, you can have class using tablets, such as the iPad, and mobile devices such as smartphones.

8. What do I do if I miss the class?

If you missed the class because of the teacher, then we will provide the make-up class. However, we will not provide the make-up class if you missed the class without informing us ahead of time.

9. What would happen if I was absent or late for a lesson?

You have to inform us at least one day before the scheduled lesson. You are given the chance to have one make-up class every month. If you have valid reasons for longer absences, you may send us a request but it will be subject to approval of the supervisors.

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